Various design work for MWM Interactive, an indie videogame publisher. They bring beautiful and inventive games from incredible devs to players worldwide.
👾 2020, 2021

Stonefly key art designs for use across social media in various sizes and ratios. In Stonefly, you play as a tiny character inside a bug robot, so even small challenges seem insurmountable. Ahead of GDQ (Games Done Quick), a charity event where people speedrun games for charity, MWMi requested new key art that shows off both action & exploration. I sourced game media to clip the best shots and pair them with the logo and typography.
Logo & screenshots by Flight School
🌱 2021

Action ︎︎︎

Exploration ︎︎︎

Epic Summer Sale social media campaign. These graphics highlight specific MWMi games on the Epic Game Store.

Maskmaker “Your favorite biome” campaign. Maskmasker is a VR game where you learn the magic of crafting mask to explore mysterious realms. The game features many different destinations, so we focused on what makes each one unique.
Logo & screenshots by InnerspaceVR
🎭 2021

Mundaun is a horror game with a pencil-drawn aesthetic. In Mundaun, the character encounters many strange and scenic locations, so we wanted to give players tips in the form of postcards.
Screenshots by Hidden Fields 
🏔️ 2021

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